Baking Powder

Right Amount of

Texture & volume

From leading bakery industries to house wife Ajanta Baking Powder has a huge happy clientele. With years of experience in this food industry our baking powder has built strong presence in Pan India & overseas markets. We choose best quality ingredients which help bakers to get the best of their final products, by using Ajanta Baking Powder you can achieve more tolerant, stable elastic and less sticky dough which is easier and faster to handle.

Its a worldwide truth that baked products are evaluated on characteristics of appearance, texture and flavor. We strictly follow a rigid quality management program right from the stage of procuring raw material to the shipment of finished products. Therefore our products serve all characteristics to our clients which enables to increase volume of baked goods, give its desired shape.

Ajanta baking powder is widely used in various pastries, donuts, biscuits, and cookies, etc.

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